CF3 Series Product Presentation (PDF)
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CF3 Series Product Presentation (PDF)


Open up a world of new cutting possibilities
Cut rigid materials up to 5 cm* with a router head.

1. Product description
2. Machine sizes and combos
3. Head types (models to choose: Router, Reciprocal and Tangential)
4. Materials that can be cut
5. Applications
6 .Colour photo sensor (accurate contour cutting)
7. Air system with vacuum and blower function
8. Automatic table surface cleaning
9. Software (Mimaki Plotter Assistant and FineCut 7)
10. Clarifying the difference between CF2 and CF3
11. Price, availability, in the box, and optional items
12. Key additional products (industrial vacuum cleaner and compressor)
13. Space requirements
14. Power supply
15. Specifications

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